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Take the stress out of residential home sales and access lucrative off-market investment opportunities with Propz Real Estate Group today.

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At Propz Real Estate Group, we’re committed to revolutionizing the off-market residential and commercial real estate sectors with innovative, data-driven strategies that unlock positive outcomes for investors, funds, and individual buyers/sellers. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our team combines decades of high-level real estate experience with cutting-edge technology to make it easier to buy, sell, and invest in off-market real estate.

Powered by an extensive network of real estate professionals and proprietary property sourcing technology, our wholly-owned subsidiary companies have been purpose-built to make your real estate investment journey as stress-free as possible.

Our Story

Propz Real Estate Group was founded with a simple mission: To bring simplicity, speed, and exceptional service to off-market real estate transactions across America.

Our team of experienced real estate professionals combine innovative, data-driven technology with practical industry expertise to generate low-cost, off-market opportunities and high-ROI outcomes for homeowners, renters, landlords, and investors.

The Propz Advantage

Speedy Cash Sales

Buy and sell properties quickly, with no realtor commissions, attorney fees, or open houses.

Off-Market Investment

Tap into lucrative off-market real estate investment opportunities curated exclusively for you.

Regional Expertise

Our leadership team has decades of high-level real estate experience in the South and Southeast USA.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Use powerful property searching tools to identify the best cash offer or investment opportunity.

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